Father Day

People, nowadays, are used to be busied with their daily job. Therefore, some holidays are to be needed so that they can enjoy their life and they are not feeling under monothon activities. Holidays are created, sometimes, to celebrate special events and honor some historical people who deserve of people of the world. Thus, it seems important to us to honor someone who also has important effort for making our good life in the future. This is mentioned to our father. As we know that this man is our lovely man in our days. He always keep being a struggle person in our eyes. As special as mother do for growing up her children well, we also know that he has a responsibility to make our family life well especially on family finance and economic. Then, what are to we do for making that special day for father? These are explanations as follow.

First, It seems clearly to us as his children that every Monday until Friday/ Saturday, father go to his office for working; it is also common to man work every day; sailor who has no time limited job, for instance. For what he is to work? There is no reasons either that is father has responsibility to seek money for the better of his household life. Althought, it is posibble to mother do that, but actually in our community this responsibility is common to man as father. Furthermore, by holding a special days for father that means that day allows him is not to work and he also can do anything he wants.

Next, his children can give some special gift or unique merchandises for him. It might useful to exhibit their love to their father so that he know exactly how important he is in his children life. This can be followed up by making a special event to celebrate father day. It is awful if there were a program for children where they can choose and show up what they dream and imagine about a good father type for their future wannabe.

Those the reason that make we are to show our love to him and I thought that make a special day for father is one of good ideas to make him believe that we  ̶  his children  ̶  also love him in a huge of our life. So, what the date will be suggested? The mother day is held at 22nd December every year, so I think how about making the next day, 23rd, become a father day?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fanteri Aji Dharma says:

    I prefer January 1st for Father’s Day coz it’s my dad’s b’day ;p

  2. microwordofcattleya says:

    nanti tabrakan sama perayaan new year fan! hho

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