Learn from Movies

Nowadays, movies have become the top entertainment. Unlike daily T.V. Programs such as dramas, serials, likewise a movie would prefer to be chose because it is easy to follow its story. Everyone need a means to refresh their daily full time activities. Usually, people will go to cinema or purchase some DVD for updating their favourite movies. One movies can tell its whole story concisely and thickly so that viewer will not be exhausted soon. From that, people can also learn about the country where its movies made. Just spend 2 or 3 hours, people can take whatever they want: the history about one country, its life style, and its special features.

Movies can show about history of the country. This also contain of someone biography. The Pianist, for example, tell about Jewish man who has to be struggle face Nazi armies terrors. In this movie, we can find how the Germany condition in Hittler authority period is and how that man can fight its condition so that he can be a famous pianist in his time.

From watching movies, people can also learn about country lifestyles, such as national sport, educational system, and its government. Blind Side, for instance, contain a story about a young man called as Big-Mike who had been adopted to liberal family so that he can become a famous athlete in US. This movie show us how American life style where Mike’s foster mother teach him as his own family in liberal method like US style.

Furthermore, there are special features from country such as learning kung fu can be characterized as Chinese culture, Ninja can be taken from Japanese story, likewise. Taking from the attractive movies, Kung Fu Panda. This cartoon movie tell about Panda which has desire to be a Kung Fu Boy. Otherwise, ninja movie which come from Japanese culture, like Ninja Assassin, show us how Ninja men life are.

In sum up, movies provide many advantages. Besides being refreshing tools, they also give people many learning such as country history, life style, and special characteristic such as ninja and kung fu which are their own culture and traditional martial art.


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