Stay Healthy. Stay Cool.

It is a well-known fact that many people are to pay attention to their healthy. The proverb states that “health is priceless wealth”. It could be mentioned that if we get bad off, we will get many disadvantages. We could not do our activities such as go to school or office, so that we would not get knowledge anymore or our salary could be paid less, for instances. Therefore, many people do various things to keep healthy because they have assumption that health is money. Then, what should we do for maintaining our health? That I will explain afterwards..

The first thing is we are to pay attention for our good diet, especially in our food nutrition and good sanitation. Many people believe that digestion health is one of important things to do for maintaining our whole body health. Why? It because our body energy is supplied with food. If food we entered into our body is delivered from dirty place, we would get problem digestion that can impact to raise many digestive diseases, such as diarrhea, thypus, or likewise. Similarly, the food nutrition is also play role in our health. If we eat food containing high cholesterol, we can get heart attack disease, for example. That is why we have to concern with food becoming our daily diet.

On the other hand, keeping our good diet, but not maintaining our body fit also can cause many problems in our health. It because of the balance of human body metabolisms. Thus, some exercises are needed for balancing that inside conditions. We can go swimming and running as aerobic sports or play gentle sports such as tennis, golf, and volley. One well-known Greek Proverb stated “men sana in corpore sano” that means in a health soul is found a strong body.

Finally, the daily medical check up can be a good idea for monitoring our real conditions. This can be applied by going to doctor every month for checking such as our tension blood, heart beat, and others.

In sum up, those three things, good diet, exercises, and check up are perfect matters in maintaining our good health. Although, it seems to be expensive for us, but we have thought back that becoming illness can spend our many more. Furthermore, state in our mind that health is expensive! If we do not keep our health, we will regret in the future.


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