Study Abroad. Why Not?

It seems to be popular that student go abroad to continue their studies in foreign countries. Especially, Indonesian people believe that if their children can feel how to life in other countries, they will become success. Why they thought like that? This related with 3 reasons: improve skills, enrich experiences, and make international networking.

Firstly, learn other foreign cultures and new languages are becoming good ideas to improve student’s skills for one of key to be success. Why? It because, in this global era, people who have much means of communication can interact with others easily. Having language skills ease people to know many information in whole world. European Union, for example, has many developed countries. This countries have their own official languages. Fluently in one of their languages makes student can communicate with their people.

Secondly, if students can go abroad, then they can have priceless experiences in their lives. They can know how other people lives: their activities in different way, their advanced technologies, likewise; and learn how to be a minor people in new communities, for example. This can improve their abilities to face the real world after they graduate.

Finally, some people believe that success can be reached by having many networking. By studying abroad and learning in other people countries, students can face the competition among other international students. It can be mentioned that they also can interact with other educated people in the world. This is one of important way to improve their good knowledge. Besides that, they can get more friends of whole world and it can be imagined that we will be famous people of the world.

In sum up, we can stated that students are challenged to study abroad to fulfill their wish becoming the success. In order to their experiences can become rich and they can know up to date news and advancing of technologies in the world. On the other hand, they also can get additional skills such as languages and good habit from other country cultures and lifestyles that can change their life in the future. In addition, they can get more friends of whole world.


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