What Money is for?

If I found enough money, I would take it to purchase my business. This because we can learn how to be an entrepreneur. Then, we could purchase our money back. In addition, if we would be success, we could be a famous person in the neighborhood.

First, become an entrepreneur is the best choice for us if we do not want to work for another person. This lead us to build our own business management and the important thing is we could make a new work field for others. As we know that Indonesia has a large number of joblessness rising every year. It must be noted that most percentage of these people are come from graduated students recently. We can imagine when we are graduated from university, we will be one of them. Therefore, if we do not want to make our future just as job-seekers, try to think about making a new work field. From that, we can also help many joblessness to become our employees.

The second reason is we could purchase our money back. This means that if we use our money to make a business, we can get profits. Profits from running our business can turn our money. Even though, taking back our money is not easy like invert our hand. We must be through the difficulties where we will loss our money in the first period, for example. However, if we try hard and improve our skill on business, there are many chances for us to be success. Moreover, we can purchase new house, car, and likewise the other stuffs.

Finally, if our business get success in national even international trades, we will become a famous person. There are many Indonesian people who become famous with their business. Medco Group, for instance, which is one of the big company in Indonesia and has International market, is founded and developed by Panigoro Sisters-Brothers. Nowadays, we can find their business branches everywhere. Thus, we have to follow that good example for our created success.

Those are why I would prefer purchase my money to become a business. We can improve our skill in entrepreneurship, we can get that money back and buy the other stuffs, and we can be a famous person if our business become successful.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. budianto ajie nugroho says:

    yup, sepakat banget, eh ra, aye masukin list ya blog kau,,
    eh mampir2 donk klo sempet, klo bisa tolong bantu promosi juga y hehe…

  2. microwordofcattleya says:

    oke2! siplah bud 🙂
    gw tag jg ya! ^^

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