Dream Job: Good Woman.

When I saw an article “Submissions: Design your dream job” in my feedly page, I imagine what I want to create in my future life. FYI, feedly is one of google apps, you can use it and create your own magazine page as well. It’s awesome!

About the definition of Dream Job: What  do you love doing so much that you’d do it for free? Geoffrey Canada, founder of the pioneering urban school, the Harlem Children’s Zone, wrote, “the perfect job is the one you would do without pay.” He also said that he found that type of work from following his passion, and helping his community.

For me, my dream job is becoming a Good Woman. Not as simple as it is heard and of course, it need a hard effort to do. Why? Because, I have to synchronize all my duties from now and the future in the three points view: Be a Good Daughter, Be a Good Wife, and Be a Good Mother.

The first, I was born in the big family which my parents has 6 children and all of them is female. Yes, I have two older sisters and three younger sisters. It seems amazing but sometimes exhausting, especially for my beloved Dad and Mom. Make all their daughters grow up well is so complicated story and need fully attention. Therefore, all I do, I want to make them proud of me. They are my motivation somehow.

The second, I don’t want to state with whom I will be, it is obviously known that just Good decide it afterwards, but here I wanna make a point that become a good wife, as a woman, we don’t want to rely on our beauty, it will make you just be used as  a child production place, but use our brain, create your uniqueness with your soft feeling, like Apple, insert the art on the technology, it will be wonderful then! 🙂

The last but not least, of course, I want to be a good mother for my children. Therefore, I want to avoid people judgment that women don’t need a high education because they will be in touch in their pantries. What the hell word is it come from? If you want to make your children not just grow up well but fully interesting, enrich your knowledge, enlighten your future, and back to your home to do your job, see your children be a good future leader then. That’s your responsibility, gals! 🙂

To sum up, I want to tell to everyone, and show to the world that I want to be a Good Woman. It is hard, but it is not useless to meet. Dream it! Plan it! Do it! 🙂

Sincerely me,



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