Hijrah: An Essence of Changing The Life Better


Today, all Muslims around the world celebrates The Islamic New Year of 1434 Hijriah. If we usually know that the first day in Gregorian Calendar–that we commonly use–starts on 1st January, in Islamic Calendar–which uses lunar cycle–1st Muharram becomes the starting point for a new day in the whole Hijriah year. Hence, on this 15th November 2012/ 1st Muharram 1434 H I would like to open a new chapter in my life! Thus, I begin my first action by writing again in this blog after almost one year I never did it.

Honestly, I have faced many extremely ridiculous experiences last year but I don’t intend to explain all the things here. Briefly, I have chosen continuing my master degree in the wrong place one year ago. I just did believe that that Program was reliable as good as it was under the umbrella of EACEA. Then, I just realized, I had been wrong; I was trapped in an isolated place in Italy where there were so many bad-men there. After that, my life was just a mess. Frankly, I could say that the problem solely came from the University Coordinator in Italy which had an unbelievably disorganized management; everything in their mind was just money. Then, like a domino effect, everything bad came one by one to me.

However, nothing bad is always bad. In those terrible moments, I found a solid group of friends, new beloved family–Ariadne, Adriano, Antonietta, and Jenifer–who always cared of me during my time there. In addition, I had my best time in Valencia, Spain where I met great teachers there. Yet, it was like you need to wake up from your dream: I could not hang on my life for coming back to that terrible place in Italy. Though it seems I would waste my time because I chose to discontinue my study after one year, I could say that it was alright otherwise I just sacrificed my whole life to be there.

Thus, this is the essence of changing my life be better. I just need to “Hijrah” or move onto another life! As Einstein stated–in the graphic I made above–that life is like bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving. I will not regret upon everything I faced previously. At least, I got unpredictable experiences which could become life learning in my future. On the other hand, I have my new life, nowadays, with my lovely husband who always cheer me up both in good and bad times. I am blessed that I have him in my life! Thus, I just want to be his good wife and also a good mother for his children then.

All in all, you could believe me that the bad experiences in your life are the best moments for you to learn becoming a great person. Everything you need is you just keep learning and not wasting your every second in your time.

Sincerely me,



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