Not Multitasking.

Photo: from Flickr Urs Steiner
Photo: from Flickr Urs Steiner

I am not a multitasking person.

I often find my self loosing my focus when I am distracted by other things. Everyone says that woman can do multitasking, but it’s not me. Seriously.

This becomes a problem when you have a child. When you have to finish your study, you also have to realize that you are a mother. It’s even be so hard when your child is sick.

But the world will not end just because you are not a multitasking person.

However, I know my husband is a multitasker. Sometimes it would be difficult to me to follow his way. We have totally different personalities. Nevertheless, sometimes we can complete each other, but in another time there will be only crash happened. It’s hard when somebody says you should do it like me. No, I can’t. I could not push myself, though I could motivate myself to do something. I need the reason to do something, neither a force, nor a compulsion.

But wait! I have my own way to solve this problem.

When I am doing something and I need to do another important task, I just have to hold on the first. I switch my brain to focus on another one. But my brain is not for thinking two different issues at the same time.

Therefore, just give me a break time, to relax! I just need to have time to think what I should do. That’s why, somehow, loneliness is not a disaster for me. It’s just like a breakfast to charge my energy! 🙂

Sincerely me,



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