An Excuse.

Photo: under Creative Commons CCO1
Photo: under Creative Commons CCO

It is frequently happened when you have a child, this would be used as a reason for not doing something else. For example, I can’t do sport because I am so busy with my little one. I can’t wake up earlier in the morning because my baby is always crying at night, etc.

Having family and also a kid, even more than one would be so meaningful, good or bad. It is surely demanding for having children, even when they have been grown up becoming a teenager someday. The problem with kids will always come. That’s the risk of being a parent.

Okay. I am not blaming someone else here. I wrote it to remind myself for several times since it’s not only once I use the excuse having a child for limiting myself. The easiest example is exercising my body. When you have a baby, you will always feel like your body becomes weaker day to day.

I am not kind of a sporty woman. My husband always remind me many times to take a break doing an exercise when I feel so tired. That’s why he pushed me to register to Sport Centre of the University. Nevertheless I can feel the advantage of doing indoor spinning for 2 weeks. Not so bad, although I got muscle spasm in my leg.

From this point, I learnt that sometimes you only need to push hard yourself, get away the excuse and just try it once. If you don’t like it after doing attempt at least 3 times, then you can decide whether you will continue it or not.

Sincerely me,



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