When people heard about the word of jihad, they would correlate it with “fighting” or violence” or “something negative”. It’s totally wrong. Actually it’s not solely their fault. Because they only knew this word from medias, e.g. TV, newspaper, etc, which sometimes tend to blow up something for particular interests.

This is what I found when I typed “jihad definition” on google search engine.

Jihad definition (Google Search)
Jihad definition (Google Search)

Jihad comes from Arabic word and in my opinion, the proper definition for it in English is “striving” for something.

Strive definition (Google Search)
Strive definition (Google Search)

So, it is more about a verb to achieve a goal. Thus, the word of Jihad has many definitions depending on the situation and condition. For me, successful in my study is a kind of jihad as a child of my parent. When I was pregnant, being able to give birth to my child in a good way was also a jihad. I obey my husband is also jihad as a wife. Taking care of my children, give them a good nutrition and a proper education for their future is part of my jihad as a mother.

Life is about striving or fighting for something. We will always face many problems. We need something to achieve, it triggers our adrenaline. Otherwise, life is just like an empty space, very boring. That’s life!

Photo: from Flickr Celestine Chua
Photo: from Flickr Celestine Chua

Sincerely me,



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  1. trims sudah berbagi insight ra. btw. profil blognya diedit tuh kapan-kapan.. :))

    1. Ruma[h]Rara says:

      sama2 priza… kmrn sempet edit dikit tp blm nemu kata2 yg pas 😀

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