One of my colleagues from the University had ever complained about why I was so polite. Are all Indonesian kind of polite people? Not exactly like that, even though we are nurtured to obey the older. On the one side, it’s a good thing. Everyone naturally wants to be respected. As the one who is grown up in the Eastern Culture, the polite behaviour is one of the important manners that should be inside of a person.

On the other side, this gives us also a bad effect. It eventually makes us become a person who is afraid of expressing our opinion about something. If somebody makes a mistake, especially he or she is older than us, then we just pretend to be blind. Because, when we attempt to correct them, then they might be angry. They will say that we aren’t polite. It’s as if the senior is always right and the junior is always wrong.

Is that a polite culture meant to be?

Polite Definition (Google Search)
Polite Definition (Google Search)

By definition, polite is an act to show respect to someone else. This would become a great behaviour when we are able to criticize someone else in a good manner. This means that we express our opinion using positive words and also with a friendly gesture.

So the culture of polite shan’t make us become a coward person. From my experience, it’s important that a child should be grown up in the culture where parents are able to have critics from their kids. However, the parents task is to teach their kids how to express their emotion in a good way. And it’s not as easy as it’s thought.

Photo: from Flickr Live Life Happy
Photo: from Flickr Live Life Happy

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