20,000 Feet.

When I was pregnant, my husband had ever asked one question to our doctor, “how to get easily birth delivery without pain?” The doctor only said to me, “if you are willing to have painless labor, you need extra efforts to prepare everything, as if you greet the president.”

The childbirth experience is different for every woman, but it’s a unique experience. Some women are easier giving birth to their child with less effort (it’s a gift). Yet the other groups need extra effort to make it. So be prepared the worst case!

She also pointed out that I need to walk at least 6 kilometers a day. Only walking, no running. It seems easy, but for pregnant woman, how dare it is! Moreover, our house was located on the hills, it can be a big excuse, isn’t it?

But, the doctor explained it again, “just taking into account your feet. You don’t need to walk 6 km in one time. Even, you can do it in your bed room, just going back and forth.”

Afterwards, voila! my husband bought me the counter, like we frequently see when the flight attendants count the passenger.

Photo: Counter (Wikimedia)
Photo: Counter (Wikimedia)

I, then, calculated how much 6 kilometers would be in feet?

Kilometer conversion to feet (Google search)
Kilometer conversion to feet (Google search)

It is about 20 thousands feet. That’s much, isn’t it? But if I only focused on that number, I must not have been able to do it. However, I did it whenever I had time, i.e. after getting lunch and dinner time and before taking a nap. I counted my feet as many as I walked. And thanks to my husband who really cared about us. He accompanied me to have walking every morning. We made a same goal to welcome a great man in the world. Our baby!

Pregnancy isn’t just about the story between mother and child, but it’s also a dad story.

Sincerely me,



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