You aren’t a king of anything.

Photo: from Pixabay
Photo: from Pixabay

You are not born to satisfy all person. Even if you are a very kind (red: innocent) person, there must be somebody who doesn’t like you. They will just hate you because of your appearance, social background, and/or, indeed, the religion you believe on.

You are not a king/queen of anything, who can make all people happy because of you.

Yes, that’s the fact! But it doesn’t mean that you become a bad guy. It doesn’t matter how people think about yourself, but it’s a matter how you think about yourself. As my experience, when I only focus in bad things, bad people, I am loosing my energy to hate them and regret everything. Hate feeling will only kill yourself, slowly.

However, when I change my focus on what I think it’s more important for me, I know I deserve it. I don’t want to spend my whole life to worry about something negative. It was difficult for the first time. However, my husband always hold my hands and embrace myself. Everyone can choose their destiny, for what they want to live.

When I meet someone who hates me, e.g. because of my veil or underestimate myself, I just let it go. They don’t know me, personally. It’ll be their mistake spending a lot of their energy just to hate me. As simple as that!

The important thing is just be kind, be honest. Action comes up with reaction. Yet, please, get away the idea that if you are kind to somebody, you hope that the person will be also kind to you. No. The thing is, when they are rude to you, just go away from them and pretend that they are not exist in this world. This kind of mind, somehow, works for me.

Sincerely me,



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