Ich bin ‘Cookie Monster’.

“Ich bin Cookie Monster”, said my son in german.

He was pretending to be “Cookie Monster”, one of the monsters from “Sesame Street” serial cartoon, who is so crazy eating cookies. It has just happened because I bought him a sleeping suit for winter. My husband and I got an idea to name it the “cookie monster” cloth as it looked similar. Since then, it has become his favourite one.

I do like “Sesame Street” as well. This movie thought kids not to be afraid of monster. Unlike the other cartoons, which described monster as a bad figure. This, somehow, will lead to children’s brainwashing that someone who has ugly face is always bad. In contrast, the beauty always has a good character. This is absolutely not true. We can’t judge people just from their appearance.

In addition, beauty gets the highest rank for the priority of every girl in the world. What I have seen on the street that many female teenagers applied thick makeup on their face to look beauty. In my opinion, they just looked like older than their real age. It isn’t solely their problem, though. I had ever that kind of feeling when I was a teenager.

As a parent now, I am aware that something needs to be changed. I don’t want my children growing up in the idea that beauty is everything. This will also affect their mind how they will think about people someday. Thus, I let my son know that being a monster doesn’t make you become a bad guy. You might become a hero, instead. All depend on your heart.

Of course, appearance is also important. Yet, it’s not solely because of your make up. You also need to be healthy and fit to look amazing. However, they’re all just for the first impression. When you apply a job, it’s like a common rule. Appearance only plays in the introduction, then the next chapters will depend on your personality and skills.

The world isn't just about 2 colours, neither black nor white. It's colourful world we are living in.

Sincerely me,



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