Father and his student
Father and his student

I have ever wondered why Capoeira ever made me jealous. I know now the reason. This activity can make my husband feel alive. Then it seems he just forgets about me. That’s why I was jealous to something not someone! I think it also happens to couple whose different hobbies.

My husband likes Capoeira so much. When he stopped practicing Capoeira for more than 1 year, I found that I have lost one part of his soul. Since we move to another house near the City Center, our mobility becomes more flexible than before. When he said he wanted to practice Capoeira again, I agreed.

Now, I have just realized that I miss the moment. I missed when I saw his smile after giving his performance. I know he was so happy doing it.

I had ever asked him to teach me Capoeira when we were in Valencia, Spain. He was afraid to find the group there because of his poor Spanish. Therefore, I just wanted to accompany him to keep practicing. But I knew it was not mine. I couldn’t force myself to have the same hobby with him.

Nevertheless, I like to see the Capoeira performance. It’s kind of art. As my husband said that it’s not only a martial art, but dance and music also come together. One of my dream is to see the performance of both my husband and my son. 😉

*It’s a tradition in the Capoeira group, one person has one nickname. My husband is called Calamari (Portuguese word) meaning a squid.

Sincerely me,



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  1. Haa missing calamari so much..kind personal,smart and very talented!!

    1. Ruma[h]Rara says:

      I also miss to watch it again, franky! 😀

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