A story of her.

I will tell you a story.

It’s a story about one of my best friends. Yesterday was her graduation day and I was so proud of her. She did it, finally. Moreover, she had made a great job to finish it.

I have known her since she was my senior in my Bachelor study. I won’t tell you her name, but some people might be able to guest who she is. I could say she is a very kind person. I could feel it for the first time when she gave me a very good mark on my lab report (not only me, but I guessed almost my friends got the same too).

When we did our Master together (actually I am still doing it until now hehe), I knew her better. She never complained about people who might have been bad to her. She is type of a person who just wants to have peace and please everybody. She always helps everyone. When she was disappointed, she only kept silent. She didn’t like to fight back. I only feel positive energies coming from her.

And now, I see with my eyes, which kind of energy you produce both positive or negative, will come back to you in the same form sooner or later. This is what you have heard in the physic class about the first law of thermodynamics.

The first law of thermodynamics
The first law of thermodynamics (From: Google)

On the contrary, I am the opposite of this personality type. When I feel that someone is rude toward me, I will fight him/ her back. Sometimes it is working, but another time it is just wasting my energy. After all, I just feel that my mind is full of negativity.

She also taught me another thing. She talked to me about her secret that she constantly did charity, even if it’s counted as not so much money. It’s true. Once I had found a bug of snacks in the prayer room and I knew it was from her by recognising her handwriting. She found that she was helped by God’s hands whenever she found a dead end to finish her thesis.

It is like a magic. But it’s not purely magic, it is reasonable instead. From the point of view of people who believe in God, they have faith that God counts the process, not only the end result. Somehow, you will realize that He likes to play a game with you. He wants to know how determined you are. So, when you feel that you have tried hard to achieve something but you just found the dead lock in the end, it’s not an ending. You only need to make the attempt once again (to knock the last door where you will find the way).

I knew that she had worked hard for that, that’s why she deserved it.

Somehow, we get the advantages of believing in God. Since we can rely our heart on Him when we feel very useless in our life. This feeling won’t be understood by others who don’t believe. Have you watched “The Skeleton Key (2005)” Movie? This movie tells us the lesson that when we believe in something, we can feel it when others cannot.

Thus, to whom believe in God, we shall be more optimistic! Because God counts your steps. But be careful of what kind of energy you want to share to your environment since it will be back to you.

Sincerely me,



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