A Maternal Bond.

The connection between mother and child is ever deeper than thought

-Robert Martone

When I have a child, it becomes more obvious to me about how a maternal bond works. It even convinces me that no matter how bad people treat you, your child knows what you are feeling much better than others, including your husband.

Recently, scientists had found that child’s cells are living in mother’s brains. The transfer begins during pregnancy. This might be one of many explanations why there is such a strong connection between a mother and her children. This physical connection can be a bridge to an emotional connection.

My first pregnancy was such a mixing emotion. You could feel so happy one second and became so sad immediately. When a woman gets pregnant, she tend to be more sensitive than before. I know now why I have to suffer from this sensitivity. It is helpful to maintain the bond with your fetus in the womb. It is just like a starting point of your story that you are creating with your child for the first chapter during 9 months of pregnancy.

When my son had been born to the world, the first month was the craziest time for me because we were just starting the second chapter of our story. He was just as adorable as a baby when I was feeling happy. But he became like little monster, crying all the time, when I realized that my feeling was so bad because of something.

This connection had also helped me making a cooperative action with my son. When we had to struggle only two of us living in Germany for the first 4 months, I always talked to him about our condition and, somehow, he expressed that he understood me pretty well.

Although I, sometimes, loose my self control and treat my son in a bad way, I do know that nothing in this world is ever more precious than your family, especially, the connection with the children. And this bonding can be flown away when the mother forgets to maintain it. Why mother? Because we as a woman has a privilege to carry them in our womb for 9 months and to give them a super quality of food for the first year of their life during breastfeeding. So, just enjoy your motherhood.



I remembered one story of mine when I was in my 2 years old age. My aunties and uncles took me and my sisters for a trip from my home town, Padang, to visit our grandfathers in Pariaman, another city in West Sumatera. At that time my mother was not accompanying us, neither did my father who was still studying in Australia. When we were about going home, we almost had an accident because the car was stopped suddenly on the railroad. Even people outside the car had warned us because the train was about to come. Fortunately, the car could have been restarted and we were saved. When we were at home, my mother told us that she had a bad feeling and then she decided to take prayer. Then, we knew, it was her prayer that saved us.

The story between mother and child will always continue throughout their life.  The new chapter will also be begun as the child enters the new phase of life: from a baby to a toddler, a teenager, and an adult, especially when the child becomes a parent too. One said that a mother love lasts forever, but I do also believe that the children will always love their parents all the way.

Sincerely me,



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