Teacher does matter.

Photo credit by Christian Battaglia

When I came back from Zumba course for the first trial, my husband noticed that I was happier than before.

“How was that? he asked, “I guessed that you were enjoying it, weren’t you?”

With smile in my face I replied, “Yes, I thought it becomes obvious to me now that teacher—in this case the Zumba coach—is really an important issue in my learning process”.

She didn’t do anything special except that her earnest smile when she saw me—which I hardly found here. But it’s more than enough to induce my motivation. I know that she is passionate to do her job and I like that person.

I then continued to tell him the story, how I hated Biology subject so much when I was in Junior High School, but almost all subjects I got in my Senior High School in Insan Cendekia became interesting for me including Biology. It was just because of the teacher. I was lucky having a chance to study in that school, where all the teachers are highly passionate to teach their students.

Being a teacher, a coach, a trainer even a motivator nowadays, it is important to have knowledge/skill on it. Yet the most critical thing and really matter is that you have passion on that. You have the spirit to share, not only your knowledge but your joy. Then, you can automatically motivate others to learn by themselves.

However, different people have different intentions. For example, my husband can learn by himself whether the teacher is good or bad, he doesn’t care so much. But me? It is really my concern.

My mood swing also depends on whom I interact with. I can be easily demotivated when someone is always correcting my mistakes. In my life, it’s not once I met someone who supposed to teach someone else, but she/ he couldn’t be a good one.

Nevertheless, it is then become my motivation. I need to improve my communication skills before I become a professional teacher. Although as a mother, it’s also a learning process becoming a teacher for your kids.

Since you are passionate with your job, the spirit will reach your surrounding too.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

-Brad Henry

Sincerely me,







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