Giving Birth, Giving Life.

The process of labor and delivery is the toughest task every woman would ever had. Moreover, we were frequently exposed to bad stories/ images from people’s experiences or media campaigns that labor pain is really painful. Hence, most of us are going to be so afraid, especially if it’s the first pregnancy. That’s normal.

At first, I also had the same feeling 3 years ago. I was scared of the uncertainty, something that hasn’t happened yet. My imagination was playing with the worse case. I couldn’t imagine how I should embrace myself.

It is well known that we have two options for giving birth between a natural/vaginal birth or a caesarean section. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In spite of that, the natural way, if possible, should be more convenience for both the mother and her baby. This natural birth will be truly convenience if it’s well-prepared in advance.

However, giving birth was the most memorable moment I ever had in my life. That’s why I would like to share this story with you, even though it has been 3 years ago. From that point, I knew that I have been through one of hardest phases of my life as a woman. The most important thing is that I was not alone to achieve that goal. In that process, I also learnt that we need to build a solid team work and decide from whom we want to get the helps. Giving birth is about making a good collaboration among mother, her baby and the supporting system (including her husband, doctor/midwife/the helpers).

To give birth is not only to give a life to a human, but also aiming to create a sustainable life. For this sustainable life we are creating, we also need to build cooperation with all team members. It’s not only a woman task, indeed.

My husband was (and still is!) my partner in crime. I said to him that I would like to try water birthing. Then, he knew from his friend that there was a Mom & Child Centre nearby the city center of Bandung which offers water birth method with affordable cost. Then we surveyed it and were suddenly falling in love with that homey place. I met the doctor and the midwifes there, they were really nice and lovely. I’ve also taken the preparation classes, such as prenatal yoga and gentle birth workshop, hypnobirthing, etc. My husband tried helping me to prepare everything I need. It costed money, indeed. But if it’s compared with the caesarean cost, it was nothing.

My husband was so brave accompanying me and seeing the whole processes. We both also tried making all effort to engage our baby since he was still in my tummy. When the labor time was just about to come, the contraction was still up and down. My families waiting outside the room were starting to worry about my condition. But my husband convinced them that everything would be okay. Then he was also encouraging myself by singing to me. Moreover, he made a communication with the baby inside. Eventually, after almost 12 hours waiting (normally, it took only a couple of hours), the contraction increased and I could finish it well.

Capoeira by Day, Father by Night

At that moment I noticed that all of our effort to corporate with our son from the beginning of his life in my tummy had given the positive feedback. Not only I won the fighting with myself, but I also learnt that we will need at least someone to support us in achieving our goal.

Although I couldn’t give delivery by water birthing method, I never regret it. It might because I had not so much preparation for that. Nevertheless, I gained my confidence to have it again in the future. The funniest moment was that the birth took place on the sofa, though.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, the labor and delivery process is a challenging for us as women. In preparing that day, we need to positively affirm ourselves that we can do it. That’s why it’s called a gentle birth.



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  1. Nice post! I gave birth to both my children at home and it was great. My fist was a water birth but I had no time to fill the pool for the second 😉 you can read why I chose home birth in my blog if you like.

    1. Ruma[h]Rara says:

      Wow, that must have been a nice experience. I would love to have it in my future plan. Nice to know you. I’ll visit your blog 🙂

  2. Fitri Astuti says:

    I hope I can do it on this last month or on 2016 may. #gentlebirth. aamiin. Thank you mba rara.

    1. Ruma[h]Rara says:

      you can do it 😉

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