Dual Standard.

Sometimes people can be subjective and apply dual standard criteria to judge others.

In my observation, someone who takes these dual standard criteria will treat people unfairly. When she/he likes someone or a certain group, she/he will unconsciously accept all their behaviour whether it’s good or bad. Conversely, when she/he doesn’t like some people, she/he will be easily irritated with the mistake made by them.

My experiences met that kind of people, have changed my thought. I know now how it feels when you are treated unfairly. No matter how eager you push yourself to show to them that you’re capable of, their eyes have been blinded by their own mindset. The bad news is that when they found that you did a mistake, they will be so exaggerating. When I tried to reflect it, I realised that I might have done something similar to some people in the past; having a dual standard minded. I, therefore, feel so pity about myself.

When I feel being harassed by someone, I thought it might just because of myself, who is so sensitive. But, some of my friends also got the same experience with certain groups here in Germany. From our conclusion, it seems they don’t like foreigners. This kind of hatred has been raising since there are a lot of refugees coming to Germany. But this is irrational. As a human, they can’t treat people badly even though they are coming to your country to seek a protection. However, I believe this kind of people is everywhere, irrespective of their races, religions and nationalities.

It would be so stressful having these experiences. But I contemplate myself with the fact that life won’t be like my perfect imagination. There is no a utopian world where there is no jealousy and people live by supporting each other. There will be some people that don’t like you and won’t be happy when you’re happy.

In fact, you couldn’t control how people treat you, but you could control your own mind. As I said to myself, I deserve my life to be happy. I have to pursue my own happiness no matter how people treat me. Nevertheless, I would take this opportunity to learn to be more resilient. A diamond will just be a charcoal when it can’t resist from high temperature and pressure.  A butterfly won’t have beautiful wings if it doesn’t go through several phases in its metamorphosis.


Image credit: Kate Williams (unsplash.com)


Above all, I have faith in God and I believe that everything I do either good or bad, it’ll be back to me someday or it will be counted in the day after life.




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