Human Project

When I received a message from one of my best friends who knew I am getting pregnant, he named it as “HUMAN PROJECT”–It was so funny to hear that word. That is why I choose this name as the title.

We must have known that “human project” name is for genetic issues or something related to high biotechnology in this decade. However, behind all literal meanings of human project, it is true that I am currently creating a life in my belly.

Being pregnant has many consequences. You face many things: you can feel sad suddenly and happy in the following minutes. You are very nervous knowing that you are becoming a mom. You feel so exhausted counting day-by-day to wait your child-birth moment. Honestly, you are also afraid if you think you have not well prepared for this incoming life. All in all, every feeling is mixing together in my mind because this is my first time!

I have to learn a lot become a good mother, beside be a good wife (of course!).

Hence, this is the introduction of the page “Human Project” that will be continued afterwards.

Month One.

Friday Aug 24, 2012 (001 day)

I just realize that this is my last monthly period for this year! This is exactly 4 days after we celebrated Ied Al-Fitr 1433 H. Even though too many people asked me with the question, “Have you been pregnant?” and I just said that “Just let God has willing to do it”. I considered it as a prayer for us to have it one soon.

My Pregnancy Calendar (Month 00-01)
My Pregnancy Calendar – Month 00 to 01 (Get your own here)

Month Two.

Tuesday Oct 02, 2012 (05 weeks 005 days)

I do not feel very well this week. Although I have thought about pregnancy symptom, I am still not sure. Because, After coming back from abroad I suffered a long illnesses. But today, I cannot stand up anymore from this nausea. I need to make sure my condition. Firstly, I just want to see a doctor but my mother-in-law who knew about my condition suggested that I needed to consult to gynecologist. Unfortunately, we cannot find one doctor. Therefore, I decide to buy a test-pack. Blessed me, the result is positive! 🙂

My Pregnancy Calendar (Month 01 to 02)
My Pregnancy Calendar – Month 01 to 02 (Get you own here)

Month Three.

Saturday Oct 27, 2012 (09 weeks 002 days)

This is my first USG test. How adorable it is on the screen! Finally I know the feeling become a mother. It is so little in there, only 2.52 cm. It is the size of a raspberry. I can see how it fingers move like wanting to say hello to me.

The little Wiwid in my Womb!
The little Wiwid in my womb!
Its Heart Has Been Beating
Its heart has been beating

My Pregnancy Calendar - Month 02 to 03 (Get your own here)
My Pregnancy Calendar – Month 02 to 03 (Get your own here)

Month Four.

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 (13 weeks 005 days)

My nausea symptom almost get over. I hope, I could get some weights after knowing that I loose my 3 kilos in 2 months. But, I am so happy that my little baby is healthy inside! It has length about 8.30 cm. We could make analogy the size is like a bell pepper. I love you always ❤

USG Month 03
It fills my womb!
USG Month 03
It was predicted 60% as a boy

My Pregnancy Calendar - Month 03 to 04 (Get your own here)
My Pregnancy Calendar – Month 03 to 04 (Get your own here)

Month Five.

Thursday Jan 03, 2013 (19 weeks 000 day)

Actually, It is a bit late I come to the doctor for a monthly pregnancy check up. However, I am very happy knowing that I get 3 kilos even though I do not seem really becoming fat after all. I thanked to God that I have finally gained my weight. In addition, I know that it is really a boy and he is in a healthy condition. Although the doctor could not measure his size using USG anymore, his head diameter have been 5.08 cm. In literature, at this time  the size is like a banana.

Yes, this is like a wonderful gift for my family, especially for me. Because for almost 24 years I have just been accompanied with my other 5 sisters, until my husband comes into my family. Of course, I could give this news to my parents who always hope to have a boy in their family.

I only hope that my lovely child could become a great man in the future! 🙂

He bows down like in the prayer position
It has become too big to measure its size
He has become too big to measure its size









My Pregnancy Calendar - Month 04 to 05 (Get your own here)
My Pregnancy Calendar – Month 04 to 05 (Get your own here)

Month Six.

Thursday Jan 31, 2013 (23 weeks 000 day)

It would be 17 weeks to go! My baby boy become more active day by day. This is so wonderful moment for me. I have started to tell a story about the 25 prophets in Islamic history and he responded me very well. I also bought a CD music for him. The title is “The Sound of Indonesia”. It is composed by Addie MS – City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. This CD collects the Indonesian folk songs and I love it very much. I have a big hope that my baby boy will become a great Moslem’s leader in the future, who also loves his country, Indonesia.

I am also pleased knowing I get more 3 kilos for my weight even though my body is not swelling like balloon. It is great for me too. I really hope that he would be always growing healthy in my womb and could be born safely. At this time, his size is like a mango.

Data of his growth
It shows his heart beat and thank God, he is normal
Doctor said he is growing healthy










My Pregnancy Calendar – Month 05 to 06 (Get your own here)

Month Seven.

Monday March 04, 2013 (27 weeks 005 day)

Time goes fast, it is 12 left regarding my due date on May 30th, 2013. I feel my tummy stretched and full. His kicks sometimes so fantastic. I can see my belly moves. When I went to the doctor to have a monthly pregnancy check up, I could see his face on 3D. I am melted, this is such a falling-love feeling which has been immensely growing up before I see him at his birth later. He is my little savior.

month 07
The doctor always loves to show his p#
The cute face of my baby boy


Month 07
My Pregnancy Calendar – Month 06 to 07 (Get your own here)

This month, I have started to take Yoga and Hypnobirthing class, preparing for my upcoming childbirth. I hope I could have a labor with less pain. I wanna do water birth for this baby, hopefully. Normal, no cesarean. Amin.






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