There are two words of wisdom. First, do what you love. Second, love what you do.

Which one will you choose?

If I can, I prefer to take the first.

Just two months, since I decided to take my thesis topic about Membrane Technology, I feel much better doing a research thing. Although it is hard to start again from the beginning. I lack of experience about this kind of topic. I almost have no knowledge, though I learn in biology class about cytoplasmic membrane. I know the membrane theory, but poor of technical background.

Okay. So this is the story. For 4 years I almost lose my faith on myself because I must have done something that I did have no interests on that. Just because I wanted to be an architect in the beginning, but no one supported me.

That dream is still in my imagination. Although I need to modify it now. Two months for doing research in membrane technology makes me realize I do love microbial world as well. They are like little children. It’s not easy to grow them up. Sometimes when you don’t give them a little thing that you think it isn’t so important, they will just hide from you. Seriously! They are little kids, very very little.

Furthermore, 3 years ago–when I was in pregnancy–my husband recommended me to take a “Talent Mapping” test. So we did it. The result has been very useful until now. I become more confidence and understand myself much better. This is not like a usual personality test.

This talent mapping will map your strengths and weaknesses and also unveil your innate gifts. But sometimes when you never practice those gifts, they won’t be your strengths. Nevertheless, I have already known that I do love cooking and that one was written in the result.

Maybe some of you will say, “that kind of test won’t tell you everything about yourself“. It’s true! There will be no perfect test describe yourself in the best way. But, I’ve got nothing to lose.

We can’t find exactly what we want, but we can adjust it to make something unique. 🙂

Photo: from Flickr Live Life Happy

Sincerely me,



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